Yawgi Distribution Leader of FMCG in Morocco.

Your satisfaction is our responsibility.

Yawgi Distribution Our Vison

We will be the most admired distribution company in all our markets.

Market Share

In a very competitive and dynamic market, YAWGI Distribution has managed to position itself as a distributor of choice, more than 30,000 customers are part of our portfolio, spread across the geographical areas that we cover, mainly the South.

The developed distribution network and the quality of service offered justify the rapid growth of our customer base and the market share that YAWGI Distribution  holds on Moroccan territory.

Our Statistic

You will not see us tomorrow as you saw us today, we are always evolving.

Transportation and shipping

100 vehicles 100 trucks

Human factor

More than 300 employees

Brands and partners

Close Marketing 10 brands

Presence in the market

Presence in 18 cities of the kingdom

Yawgi Distribution Channel

Here we present new videos in Yawgi distribution channel.

Your Satisfaction Is Our Priority

Motivating The Customer To Give More

Yawgi distribution Leader of FMCG Morocco

Pepsi, Aquafina, Chergui, Sting, Cheetos, Doritos, Lay’s, Al halabi..


Aquafina Maroc
Aquafina Maroc

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