Yawgi Distribution Leader of FMCG in Morocco.

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About us

About us

Director’s message

Musatpha Dalaa.

Since its establishment, YAWGI distribution has been committed to creating a coherent, efficient, and value-creating distribution system. Our activity involves bridging the gap between suppliers and consumers under optimal conditions, by offering a diversified range of food and other products.

Our success in achieving an extensive geographical presence in Moroccan cities has motivated us to engage in a continuous development perspective for our networks, modes, and distribution methods.

Our offering is the result of collective efforts both upstream and downstream. We always prioritize the establishment of commercial partnerships on both a national and international level.

Human capital is our primary driving force, and we are committed to their careful selection and subsequent development of their knowledge, skills, and attitudes to satisfy both internal and external customers. The philosophy of creativity is ever-present in our advancement policy. We always seek to introduce innovations in the products we market, service delivery methods, and logistics.


  1. Ensure the delivery of products from suppliers to customers while ensuring compliance with quality and quantity specifications.
  2. Provide support throughout the entire commercial process, from product reception to distribution.
  3. Regularly develop distribution methods and means in line with commercial and technological advancements.
  4. Sustain and optimize national and international distribution networks while respecting storage, lead time, and quality conditions.

Vision and Values


The dedication to innovation and the satisfaction of our stakeholders in their diversity (suppliers, customers, financial institutions, employees, etc.) are top priorities for our company.


  1. Commitment to sustaining performance.
  2. Commitment to meeting compliance, quality, and lead time requirements.
  3. Creating value and contributing to the development of the territory.